How to ask from typed actor to get a result in akka 2.5.21

This seemed to be a very easy bread and butter type of thing - it is doable in 2.6.3 but unfortunately we need some code to work with 2.5.21 - when I use ctx ask it doesn’t return a value, The only way I can see is to use ctx.system.toUntyped and then perhaps try and ask and await for a result but it seems very hacky and unsure that its possible.

Is there a way to do a synchronous ask and get a response immediately for that version of akka - 2.5.21 (I believe its the last version to support scala 2.11)

Can you please provide some more information about how the code looks like that is not working as expected and if you see anything in the logs?

If ctx.ask doesn’t work in that versions you can maybe use the AskPattern instead? Returning a Future and the send the result of that to self.