How to build a multi-language help center?


I’d like to build a help center for my app like this one:

But in addition, I want it to be multi-language so I wonder if there is a way to iterate and search over a language file like messages.en-US,, etc.? If yes, how? If no, how should I proceed to do what I want?

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Cyril Franceschini

You’ll want to look at i18n.

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I didn’t find any way to iterate over keys like:

section1.chapter1 = Chapter 1
section1.chapter1.paragraph1 = This is a paragraph.
section1.chapter1.paragraph2 = This is a paragraph.
section1.chapter2 = Chapter 2

to display a full help section.

And I didn’t find either a search by value or regexp to retrieve keys of sections to display in a result set.

I would store the content in a database instead of the language files. So you can add new content, without to rebuild the application. It makes it also easier to query your data.

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