How to call an existing akka cluster

Hello I have a running akka cluster that did some initial work and now this cluster is in iddle state.
Each actor has an initialized context. I am using receptionlist.
Everything works very well.

I wanted to know the best approach to trigger now a specifc actor in the network.

My solution is running in a cluster mode so I don’t want this job to create a new cluster and to join it before making the call. Just a simple call as we can do if we call a service on a network

Should I use an http implementation or is there a way to use a simple rpc call?

There is no automatically available way to communicate with actors from the outside of a cluster so you will have to create an API of some form for those external interactions with the cluster.

Akka HTTP for HTTP/json/rest style or Akka gRPC for a typed binary protobuf protocol are both good options. That way a client can be as little as a command line curl or grpcurl call, or a more complete client application in pretty much any language you’d want.