How to config Durable State Persistence

I use “akka-persistence-jdbc” , refer Configuration • Akka Persistence JDBC and the configuration is

persistence {
    journal.plugin = "jdbc-journal"
    auto-start-journals = ["jdbc-journal"]

    snapshot-store.plugin = "jdbc-snapshot-store"
    auto-start-snapshot-stores = ["jdbc-snapshot-store"]

    state.plugin = "jdbc-durable-state-store"

when I start the service , the console reports the following error :

[] ERROR - Default DurableStateStore plugin is not configured, see 'reference.conf'

Before adding “state” , the service runs normally ,journal and snapshot can be added to the database.
So,excuse ,where did I configure it wrong ?

The value jdbc-durable-state-store references another config section, is that path present in you config? (Look at the linked reference config top level jdbc-durable-state-store setting block to see what to put in there)

Thanks for your answer , I’ve found the problem .