How to connect pass connection object to redis


I am using redis for akka persistence that is working with my local.

My internal team has redis db server they are responsilbe for redis cluster fail overs and they have a wrapper on top of redis.

But in the configuration I can only give host, port, password and db details.

redis {
  ### Redis server config
  #host = ""
  host = "localhost"
  port = 6379

  ### Optional config

  ### Sentinel related config
  sentinel = false
  #sentinel-master = "mymaster"
  #sentinels = [{host :"localhost", port: 26379}]

My expectation is to use our own connection object, instead of fetching details from appliation.conf and create it.

Do we have any API to pass the connection object so that you can use it for persistence

Do we have any java artifact for akka persistence redis. I can only find scala packages