How to construct bridge between client-side websocket and server-side websocket

Let’s say we want to connect to external WebSocket API using

val webSocketFlow: Flow[Message, Message, Future[WebSocketUpgradeResponse]] =

val incoming: Sink[Message, Future[Done]] = Sink.foreach[Message] { ... }

val outgoing = Source.maybe[Message]

val (upgradeResponse: Future[WebSocketUpgradeResponse], closed: Future[Done]) =

Does it possible to stream this data to internal clients (to microservices which providing real-time analytics) using own WS endpoint?
To make this possible, I need to “connect” incoming sink from code above to msFlow below, but I have no idea, how to define msFlow

val websocketRoute =
          path("ms") {

val serverBinding: Future[Http.ServerBinding] = Http().bindAndHandle(websocketRoute, $host, $port)

What is the right approach to solving this problem at all?