How to create actors across Actor Systems and how to kill the child actor if parent actor was killed

Am having 3 Actor System(ActorSystem 1,ActorSystem 2,ActorSystem 3) which forms a Akka Cluster.
I have three queries regarding Actor creation,

1.How to create actor(Actor A) in a distributed manner(evenly in all actor system) ?

2.If i do so, whether the actor(Actor A) will be recreated, if the Actor System in which the actor exists is failed ?

I will be creating a child actor(Actor B) for the created actor(Actor A). I want to create child actor(Actor B) also to be distributed. Here my query is

3.Will killing Actor A, whether it will kill its Child Actor(Actor B) ? Since Actor A will in ActorSystem 1 and Actor B will be in ActorSystem 2 if they are created in a distributed manner.