How to deploy akka-grpc on AWS with ELB

Hi there:

  • There is a trouble that I want to deploy my akka-gRPC Application on AWS. It is ok that gRPC client connect to server directly.
  • Now I want to put an ELB between them. This is AWS ELB doc.It shows that no matter http2/grpc protocol. It need my akka-gRPC Application support HTTPS. serve-grpc-over-https shows that I need to build a SSLContext to support HTTPS. But private dns in AWS can not download cmkey or CA or others. So I can not build SSLContext .
  • In my mind, SSL action will occur in client and ELB. ELB will forward request to server. In this word, HTTPS is only useful for health check?
  • Is there something wrong Or anything I need to do with ELB?