how to dynamically pass play.filters.hosts.allowed to a server

I am looking for a simple way of passing the play.filters.hosts.allowed parameter to a production play server started via a docker container.

Any advice on best practices to do this? shows how to override configuration parameters by using system properties and environment variables. But it is unclear how/whether this mechanism can be used for a list-valued configuration such as play.filter.hosts.allowed.

Is it necessary in this case to create a special prod.conf file or is there a simpler way to specify the production play.filters.hosts.allowed configuration?

Many thanks.


It should be possible to do -Dplay.filters.hosts.allowed.0=foo -Dplay.filters.hosts.allowed.1=bar. See


Great. That worked.

Thank you so much for the tip.


Apart from using these parameters, is it possible to change the allowed hosts entries programmatically with Scala/Java (e.g. based on entries in the database)?
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You can do it, but you’ll have to either create your own filter or bind your own instance of AllowedHostsConfig. It should be pretty straightforward though. Take a look at what the current code does and it should give you an idea: