How to handle SerializationException with Alpakka Kafka consumer when working with Schema Registry?


I’m using the latest release of akka-kafka - 1.0.4.
I have read the following thread but it doesn’t seem to cover the situation of using schema registry to handle errors. I have been exploring this pr but it seems that there is no way for the exception to bubble up to the decider added to a given stage. I have explored the tests but they don’t cover situations handling the error. I would like to skip over non deserializable records.

I am currently blocked without being able to progress consuming the stream. Any ideas are welcome.

Hi Alexander,

You are right, the Alpakka Kafka consumer (nor producer) do not honour supervision so there you can’t make it resume when deserialisation fails. You could wrap in in a RestartSource, though.

This has been a long-standing issue #319 and #796 – contributions are welcome!