How to persist messages in the mailbox in Akka 2.6.20

I found “Default Mailbox” definition in Akka 2.2 – AkkaJava.pdf
However , in the lastest 2.6.20 version , I did not find any support .I think the function was deleted or a new implementation was replaced ,but I did not find it .
My purpose is that in a cluster environment, when a server goes down ,ensure that the mailbox messages in this server will not be lost and will continue to be executed on another server in cluser.
How can I do it ?(I use java)

Thanks for your help. :laughing:

See a similar answer I gave on StackOverflow a while ago.

In short, naively persisting the mailbox isn’t the best solution for reliability/durability. The current modules for event sourcing and guaranteed delivery provide a better/faster/more reliable solution than persisting at the mailbox level.


but I feel that this is not a small project ,and I still have a lot to learn and practice.

There is no other option.