How to register external (unmanaged) service in Lagom 1.5 prod mode

I’m referring to this guide to deploy online-auction-scala with lagom 1.5 to k8s. Since Lightbend Orchestration is not supported with Lagom 1.5, I’m wondering if there is an easy way at the moment to register elastic-search as an external service or I should create a factory and a client like described in


With Lightbend Orchestration - Reactive lib external services are configured by mapping service names with DNS SRV records (details can be found here).
For elastic search it would be similar to this:

external-service “elastic-search=_http._tcp.elastic-search.lagom.svc.cluster.local

(assuming port name is http and service name is elastic-search)

Lagom Akka discovery service locator uses the same principals but only a different syntax.
You can check it here.
So for ES you should add in you application.conf:


Or put in your deployment JAVA_OPTS ENV:


The same way you can also configure cassandra and kafka:



Hope this helps.


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Thanks Alan, that’s what I was looking for :slight_smile: