How to restore a sharded persistent actor on a node crash?

I have persistent sharded actor instances running in akka cluster. If a node crashes or goes down, the actor instances are getting recovered on other nodes on further messages to them. I am curious to know is there any way to recover an actor even if there is no further messages to it ?

In other words how to re-create a sharded persistent actor from a failed/crashed node to another cluster node.

Hi @sanojkodikkara Have you looked at Remember Entities. When configured to remember entities, whenever a Shard is rebalanced onto another node or recovers after a crash it will recreate all the entities which were previously running in that Shard .

Something to keep in mind is that the performance cost of rememberEntities is rather high when starting/stopping entities and when shards are rebalanced. This cost increases with number of entities per shard and we currently don’t recommend using it with more than 10000 entities per shard.