How to run application for Selenium test

I am trying to write a functional selenium test.

When my main page is rendered, Javascript calls a controller to get a full list of records and show records on main page dynamically. My test needs to check a list of records are displayed. My test class is as below.

My problem is that I don’t know how to access to the app started by WithApplication. My understanding is, if I run my test with WithApplication, my application will start and I can test with WebDriver. Is this wrong? So, at the line “driver.get(“http://localhost:9205”);”, I thought I can see my application in WebDriver browser. But, what is the URL? Of course, since I haven’t specified a port to run my application, “http://localhost:9205” is wrong. I tried with “/”, but I cannot see my application. How do I run my application and test the list of data dynamically created with WebDriver?

Or can I only test the application running remotely?

public class StoreListTest extends WithApplication {

public void mytest(){
	WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();

	try {

		//Testing stores are displayed
		List<WebElement> options =  driver.findElement("store-list") ).findElements( By.tagName( "option" ) );