How to set up the log level of my play application to debug?

I’m using Lagom 1.5.1 meaning that I’m using play 2.7.2.

My play application inside my Lagom project uses an ApplicationLoader of this form:

class CustomerRepLoader extends ApplicationLoader {
  override def load(context: Context) = context.environment.mode match {
    case Mode.Dev =>
      (new CustomerRep(context) with LagomDevModeComponents).application
    case _ =>
      (new CustomerRep(context) with DnsServiceLocatorComponents).application

with CustomerRep:

abstract class CustomerRep(context: Context) extends BuiltInComponentsFromContext(context)
  with AssetsComponents
  with HttpFiltersComponents
  with AhcWSComponents
  with LagomConfigComponent
  with LagomServiceClientComponents

My play project contains those directories:

  • app
  • bundle-configuration
  • conf
  • test

Now code in my play project contains log of this form:

import play.api.Logger
    logger.debug("Here I'm")

but nothing appears in the log (Note: if I put logger.error, I can see something)

How to configure it to display log at debug level running in dev mode ?
Should I add a logback.xml in a resources directory ? if yes in which directory should be this resources directory ?

Hey @domschoen,

See how to configure logs here: