How to solve the conflict between Akka gRPC plugin of SBT and ScalaTest?


  • Windows 10/11, Debian 5.10
  • JDK 11.0.18
  • SBT 1.8.2
  • Akka gRPC plugin 2.3.0
  • ScalaTest 3.2.15


While the Akka gRPC plugin is enabled, the test fixtures of ScalaTest can’t be recognized by IDEA.

Screen Snapshot

  1. the plugin is enabled, and the import statements are grey.

  1. the plugin is disabled, and the import statements are valid.

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That is curious, the Akka gRPC plugin should not have any effect on the test scoped dependencies of your project. Is it perhaps some IntelliJ bug that is triggered? You could verify that by compiling the tests/running them from a standalone sbt and seeing if that fails or succeeds.

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Although the problem happens in IDEA, all tests run well with sbt test in the terminal standalone.

I post it to the YouTrack of Jetbrains: How to solve the conflict between Akka gRPC plugin and ScalaTest in IDEA? : SCL-21166 (

Today, I get another problem while importing the org.agrona.concurrent.SnowflakeIdGenerator. The IDEA can’t recognize it even after adding the package fullname as the prefix.

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