How to stop the actor when event source flow is closed? (Play 2.6)

I’m creating a EventSourceActor for each event source connection, and this actor create a eventsource flow. When the client call eventsource.close(), I want the actor to be notified and close itself.

I’ve tried to use Flow.watchTermination, but the flow is not terminated when client disconnect.

I don’t want to use Publisher, because I need a named actorRef, instead of a actor created with a publisher.

public class EventSourceActor extends AbstractActor {

private final Materializer mat;
private final SourceQueueWithComplete<JsonNode> sourceQueue;
private final Source<JsonNode, NotUsed> eventSource;
private final Flow<JsonNode, JsonNode, NotUsed> eventSourceFlow;

private JsonNode testJson;

public EventSourceActor(Materializer mat) {
    this.mat = mat;

    Pair<Sink<JsonNode, NotUsed>, Source<JsonNode, NotUsed>> sinkSourcePair = MergeHub.of(JsonNode.class, 16)
            .toMat(BroadcastHub.of(JsonNode.class, 256), Keep.both())
    Sink<JsonNode, NotUsed> hubSink = sinkSourcePair.first();
    this.sourceQueue = Source.<JsonNode>queue(bufferSize, OverflowStrategy.backpressure())
    this.eventSource = sinkSourcePair.second();

    this.eventSourceFlow = Flow.fromSinkAndSourceCoupled(hubSink, eventSource)
            .watchTermination((n, stage) -> {
                stage.thenAccept(f -> context().stop(self()));
                return NotUsed.getInstance();