How to use PersistentFSM with clusters?

Is there an example of this?

Hey there,

I hate to go off the tangent, but while I cannot provide an example myself, I would like to note that PersistentFSM has been deprecated for a while. And I cannot recall stumbling upon built-in blocks specific to running PersistentFSM in a cluster formation in the Akka repository, though I suppose you can still use Cluster Sharding if you wish to.

For new projects the official documentation recommends the following:

Persistent FSM is no longer actively developed and will be replaced by Akka Typed Persistence. It is not advised to build new applications with Persistent FSM.

I, personally, would recommend switching over to using Akka Persistence even if you’re already using PersistentFSM.

Anyhow, sorry about the noise if this is not news to you. Perhaps someone else will be able to point you to an actual example.

Thank you for your reply !!!
Currently, PersistentFSM works well in Cluster Sharding