IllegalStateException in cassandra journal


I am recently observing the following exception while starting some persistent actors which i havent seen before I upgraded to Akka 2.5.21 and cassandra 0.93. It seems to happen when the system under higher load. Has anybody observed anything similar, or has an idea where i could look in doing differently ? This is a plain john-doe actor doing nothing special, but i see that for any sort of persistent actor in the system, not only this one.
We are java8, if that makes a difference, but i dont see why it would…

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Watch(Actor[akka://GlueService_dev-local_global/system/glue-cassandra-journal/tagWrites#-479231915], Actor[akka://GlueService_dev-local_global/system/sharding/GlueServiceRegion_canoe_1/]) termination message was not overwritten from [Some(PersistentActorTerminated(,Actor[akka://GlueService_dev-local_global/system/sharding/GlueServiceRegion_canoe_1/]))] to [Some(PersistentActorTerminated(,Actor[akka://GlueService_dev-local_global/system/sharding/GlueServiceRegion_canoe_1/]))]. If this was intended, unwatch first before using watch / watchWith with another message.

Any clue would be much appreciated

That looks like a bug, could you raise an issue with some logs at ?

Thanks for confirming, i will raise the bug.


Can you please post here the issue for easier tracking :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve found it: