Integrating Guice with Typed Actors

I’m currently in the process of desiging an actor hierarchy to discover things about a given cluster connection. The design is reasonably simple: there is a coordinator, which reacts on external signals and dynamically creates an actor hierarchy to divide up the work in a scatter-gather fashion. These dynamically created actors perform basic things: fetch data via http connections, process that data, store (augmented) data inside a datastore. In short, they have to interact with the outside world in different ways that are best abstracted by dedicated (technical) components, for instance a DAO in the latter case. I’d like to inject these components as dependencies into a typed actor. I’ve been working with classic actors before and it was possible to implement an extension that integrates a DI-solution (I’m using Guice btw) with Akka, but there’s no documentation on this subject wrt. typed actors. Has anyone experienced the same problem and can provide hints on a solution wrt. typed actors? Any help / guidance is highly appreciated. Thank you.