Invoke the Play based application using UDP/HTTP

(Ravikiran) #1

I have a requirement where the client sends out data via UDP/TCP, is there a way to accept these requests in play?
I understand that play is used for HTTP methods (like GET/POST) where you configure the routes and then invoke accordingly.

(Marcos Pereira) #2

Yes, Play is a HTTP framework.

Of course, if you you want/need, you can embed a custom UDP/TCP server running aside of Play HTTP server, but this is not something supported out of the box.


(Ravikiran) #3

Thanks for the reply… But how do I invoke the play application via UDP? any UDP request that I make is searching in routes file thereby throwing an exception.

(Patrick Li) #4

I think if you embed a UDP server as suggested by @marcospereira, then you will be communicating with your application via the custom UDP port, instead of the standard HTTP port from Play. So instead of hitting/sending to localhost:9000 (default Play HTTP), you would hit localhost:embedded_UDP_server_port instead.

But if this is the case, I wonder why not just run the UDP server as a standalone.

(Ravikiran) #5

Firstly thanks for a detailed response. Initially I took the route of Play f/w, but I did-not see any advantage of accommodating UDP inside play, so I started again with a standalone UDP server which accepts requests asynchronously. Now I’m trying to fit in HTTP akka which helps in managing concurrency.

(Patrick Li) #6

Perhaps you can just use Akka itself to help with managing concurrency if you do not plan to use HTTP at all.

(Ravikiran) #7

I meant AKKA, not HTTP Akka :slight_smile:
Here’s my final approach Standalone UDP Server with AKKA and Netty…