Is it common/easily supported to have a web app where a page is a construction of Play apps?

I am a new Play user. I am wondering if it’s easy/possible to use Play to write “front-end microservices”, in the sense that a single page is composed of several nested play apps.

For example, taking an item page on an online shopping website such as Amazon or Ebay, you could have a service/app for reviews, another for item description, and another for recommendations of similar items. In the backend (where I come from), this would be separated into different services who live in separate repos and are managed by different teams. Is this possible/well-supported on the front-end?

Short answer, yes it is very possible. Is it common? I don’t know, as this heavily depends on the use case. Watch this video on how LinkedIn uses Play to do something like this, via the idea of a “big pipe”.

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I know of at least one other large scale successful example, the UK governments revenue department (HMRC). The entire platform is built using Scala/Play and a micro-service/micro-frontend architecture. It won several awards in the UK public sector. 100’s of developers working on 500+ micro-services and a lot of it is open source.


That is very interesting, thanks for the share.

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