Is it ok to share (instead of asking questions) on this forum?

(Tanin Na Nakorn) #1

I’ve already shared one post here: Vue.js with Playframework example

There are two more posts that I think are kind of cool (I’m biased, of course, because I made these posts :)):

  1. Use Scala Macros to add compilation safety to Playframework’s i18n (
  2. Unified i18n mechanism (supporting Play and Vue.js for now)

This forum seems to aim toward asking questions and providing answers. So, I want to ask first if it’s ok before sharing these things.

(Patrik Nordwall) #2

Thanks for sharing. That is completely fine and I’d like to encourage that more people would do it. If the share result in a discussion or sharing of alternative ways then even better.

(Tanin Na Nakorn) #3

Thank you!