Is it possible to run a play java-app 2.6.x on CPANEL?

Hello everybody,

Can you tell me please if it is possible to run/deploy a play framework java-app on CPANEL ?
If yes, how ?

To run my applications based on play framework locally i use SBT.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

From my experience, I don’t think this’s possible. This system spec is not designed for JVM applications. Even if you can’t get a CPanel for JVM, I still suggest you have your own VM servers setup. This helps you with total control of your server activities.

You can use either Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud(GCP) or Amazon AWS to get started.

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Thank you so much for your answers :slight_smile:

VM servers can be as you said, the best way, because i was trying heruko yesterday, and this is a little desesperating ( a lot of command line…pricing are not very helpful to understand !!!

Just a final question please, my app is very light, and i would like that you suggest me a slice of pricing in some clouds !!!

Thank you so much :)

I would suggest to start with the smallest one and scale up if necessary. Today most of the cloud services have a way to resize an instance so that shouldn’t be a problem.


I have no idea about ( the smallest one …) i just wanna some help about some simple pricing for my ( play framework app on java ) that’s all…thank you for suggestions.

Could you suggested me a pricing to host my play framework java app with addons mysql on heroku please ? Pricing on heroku are not simple to understand, Thank you

You should probably contact Heroku about their pricing.