Is there a function that verifies a path is a valid one according to `conf/routes`?

For my use case, I want to get all the links in the email and check them against Playframework’s conf/routes.

I wonder if there’s a function within Playframework’s library that I can use for, given a path, verifying that the path is valid.

Thank you

Well, I just had time to figure it out, so let me post it here.

We can inject router.Routes and use:

      // URLEncodedUtils is already included by Play
      import org.apache.http.client.utils.URLEncodedUtils

      val url = new URL(fullUrl)

      val params = URLEncodedUtils.parse(url.toURI,"UTF-8").asScala.groupBy(_.getName).mapValues(

      val handlerOpt = playRoute.get.routes.lift.apply(new RequestHeader {
        override def connection: RemoteConnection = ???
        override def method: String = "GET"
        override def version: String = ???
        override def headers: Headers = ???
        override def attrs: TypedMap = ???

        override def target: RequestTarget = new RequestTarget {
          override def uri: URI = ???
          override def uriString: String = ???
          override def queryMap: Map[String, Seq[String]] = params

          override def path: String = url.getPath.stripSuffix("/")

It will return Option[Handler]. If it is None, then it is an invalid path.