Is there a way to pause my service?

Maybe I don’t need to? At least I suppose I shouldn’t need to. But I do see that my services, which I was testing several days ago, are running with fairly large memory footprints. I’d like to not spend the money - or have Lightbend spend the money - running what I consider idle, i.e. not being used, services. Is “delete” the only option?

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That’s an interesting question, and I want to make sure I understand the request correctly.

Are you looking for an option to temporarily just stop processing events until you specifically turn it back on again? Like you would pause playing music until you’re ready to listen to it again? If that’s the case, what kind of response would you expect clients get as they hit your service while it’s paused?

A 503 error would seem appropriate here but it also feels like something we’d never want to happen in production, only in a dev/stg environment.