Java 16 support for Play Framework (Play 2.9?)

Play is great! But my company wants to use Java 16 features. Unfortunately the Java executable built with Play does not run in Java 16, it only works with Java 11. Otherwise you get these runtime errors:

mkurz commented in the above link that Play 2.9 will support Java 17. Is this in the works, and is there a release date? Is mkurz the only person working on this, or are there ways to help or to support this effort?

There has been little activity on 2.9: 2.9.0 Milestone · GitHub

On a related matter, how dependent on mkurz is Play? This is not a criticism, just a question.

Hi @SWN,

Java 16 will not be an LTS release of Java so it’s very unlikely Play will have support for it. Java 17, on the other hand, will be LTS and there’s some ongoing effort to support it at Java 17 by mkurz · Pull Request #10819 · playframework/playframework · GitHub


That’s awesome!

I use Play with Java 15 without any problem