JConsole Connection issue

I am using standard JMX properties that worked for Play 2.3.x.


The connection would go through successfully on port 9001 (JConsole, JVisualVM etc.).

The same properties do not seem to work with Play 2.6.20.

Are there any new properties required?

Hey @aditya,

There are no new requirements from Play itself, but you update Java as well, I suggest that you check if all these properties are okay for the version you are using now.

What does that mean? You are getting an error?


Yes standard error from jconsole/jvisualvm indicating connection failure to the RMI host/port.
I am using java 8.


The java.rmi.server.hostname was pointing to local host instead of the name/ip of the host. After correcting that, JMX connection was successful.

cc - @marcospereira