JFR in Akka remote

Any reason why java flight recorder is added as dependency to Akka remote? We are stepping up from Akka 2.5.29 to 2.6.x and we could see there is a strict dependency for jdk.jfr. We do not want any sniffing tools or troubleshooting to be installed in the system. Can you suggest any other options to bypass jfr?

I see the dependency in the osgi container

missing requirement [com.typesafe.akka.remote/2.6.16] osgi.wiring.package; filter:="(osgi.wiring.package=jdk.jfr)"]]]

Any idea on how to satisfy this requirement?

jfr is part of jdk and it will only be used if it can be loaded. You can disable it with config: akka/reference.conf at ba6c91779a568c3dc9b27601dacef54a1dd19e86 · akka/akka · GitHub