Kafka Consumer AtLeastOnce is missing events after node crash

Hi All,
Problem: Messages are published to kafka, but are not received even once with AtLeastOnce consumer config after node crash
Details: We are using a single service to publish events (no partition strategy used) and then receive those events in same service. Through kafka lenses and app-logs we can see event getting published but it is not received.

Kafka Broker used: lagom-javadsl-kafka-broker_2.13:1.6.4

                .atLeastOnce(Flow.<myEvent>create().mapAsync(1, event -> {
                    LOGGER.debug("Received event: [{}]", event);
                    //Some processing here

Config used: (we are not using any other config besides this for producer or consumer)

akka.kafka.consumer {
  poll-interval = 400ms
  poll-timeout = 1s
  commit-timeout = 15s
  commit-time-warning = 300ms
  commit-refresh-interval = infinite
  use-dispatcher = "akka.kafka.default-dispatcher"
  kafka-clients {
    enable.auto.commit = true
    auto.commit.interval.ms = 100
  wait-close-partition = 500ms
  position-timeout = 5s
  offset-for-times-timeout = 5s
  metadata-request-timeout = 5s

What could be the possible reasons we can investigate for these missing events?

Setting auto.commit to false, and explicitly defining offset.reset to “earliest” solved the issue.

`kafka-clients {
    enable.auto.commit = false
    auto.commit.interval.ms = 100
    auto.offset.reset = "earliest"

This gave some clarity: Kafka Consumer — Confluent Documentation