Kafka stateful processing via Cluster sharding

Our team would need to develop stateful processing of Kafka messages, using “Cluster sharding” pattern.

From the below examples, it seems the sharding initialization part “KafkaClusterSharding.messageExtractorNoEnveloppe(…)” always have to be split from the consumer part “Consumer.source…shardRegion.ask[Done](replyTo => …)”:

on https://developer.lightbend.com/start/?group=akka&project=akka-samples-cluster-sharding-scala and (github) akka-samples/tree/2.6/akka-sample-kafka-to-sharding-scala

It would be nice knowing if:
1- There’s no easier way to define the kafka-consumer + cluster-sharding-actors at once, or if it is intended to be always split?
2- If stateful processing of akka-kafka messages is achievable another “classic” way?
3- If somebody could get the 2nd-example working ad-hoc, especially due to issue https://github.com/akka/akka-samples/issues/219? (which I also have)

Thanks a lot anyway for your work