[Kafka] "The coordinator is not aware of this member. from time to time in my logs" error

Sometimes I see consumer error message [Consumer clientId=xClientId, groupId=xGroupId] Offset commit failed on partition x-2 at offset N: The coordinator is not aware of this member. in my logs.
I think the first time I saw that message was right after akka-stream-kafka update from 0.18 to 0.22 .
The most upsetting thing is that consumer dies (I can see it by growing lag), but Consumer.Control 's isShutdown method return uncompleted Future of Done, that is, consumer is up and running.
Is it a bug or normal behavior?

Did you get a chance to find the answer for this?

Hi @karunakerreddyv

What version are you using? We’ve improved the error handling quite a lot, most recently in for the upcoming 1.1.0 release in RC1, yesterday.

I expect all exceptions reported from the Kafka consumer to fail the stream in 1.1.0-RC1, but most exceptions should have done that even in 1.0.x versions.