Lagom 1.6.0-RC2 released!

Dear Lagom Community,

The Lagom Team is pleased to announce the release of Lagom 1.6.0-RC2. This is the second Release Candidate of Lagom 1.6.x series. Like the milestone releases, one of our major goals is to get feedback, so please let us know if something isn’t working or you see something that should be improved. But unlike the milestones, we are now freezing the APIs and other changes, and we intended to promote the release candidate to 1.6.0 final if no critical issues are reported. If you are the author of a Lagom module, we would recommend checking out this release to see how it will affect your module.

More details about this release here:

the Lagom Team

I’m pretty excited about Pause and resume projections if it means I can stop a read side processor and start it back up.

Any formal migration guide or release notes which links to formal docs yet?

I think I can look through This Epic instead, in fact, this MR might be all I’m looking for, and I found the doc for it here. But if there are published migration docs for 1.6, that would also be helpful

Hey Zachary,

You can find the migration guide at, but that’s also where our focus is while we also test the RC, so there’s more migration documentation coming, especially around the use of Akka Persistence Typed.