Lagom community meetup @ScalaDays 2019

Hi Lagom Community,

Would anyone, attending ScalaDays 2019, be interested meeting in person and share expirience with Lagom?

Maybe a meetup during ScalaDays “ Welcome Reception” (11.06. 18h - 21h)?

Any suggestions are welcome ;)



If interested please register for free here.


Come on Lagom community…few weeks left until ScalaDays 2019.
Register and be a part of the first Lagom community meetup.


Hi Alan,

Sorry for the silence on the line. We should have reacted to this before. I lost it from my radar.

It took some time for us to define if we would be at Scala Days or not. The good news is that we are all going. The whole Play / Lagom team will be there.

We are certainly interested in getting together during the “Welcome reception”. Not only with Lagom users, but Play users as well.

As you have probably notice, Play and Lagom teams are now one single team and we have recently published our common roadmap. The more synergy we create between Play and Lagom, the better.

See you soon in Lausanne!



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Hi Renato,

It is very nice to hear that you all are attending ScalaDay next week and are interested in getting together with Lagom (and Play) community. This will for sure attract more people to attend the meetup.

Yes I have noticed the start of “consolidation” of Lagom and Play. This will merge two communities and make them stronger for sure.

In spirit of synergy I believe it makes sense to change the name of the event to “Lagom /Play community meetup @ScalaDays 2019” and share it in Play category also.
You opinion is much appreciated.