Lagom testing with xml output

I’m using Lagom 1.6 and for the test, I use Scalatest.
I’m running the test in GitLab and would like to have the nice output we can have in gitlab when using JUnit xml output.
I’ve seen that Scalatest can output JUnit XML.

The only thing I do is sbt test but how to configure it to have JUnit XML out ?

Hi @domschoen.

By default lagom uses in service descriptors an implicit function to create a specific message serializer for request and response based on implicit Formatters in the companion object of Classes or using the default ones like string, int, etc… These serializers work with “application/json” content type . I belive that you can write(i dont know if already exist one that work with “application/xml” content type ) your own message serializer to do something like that.