lagomExternalProject issue


I’ve got a strange behaviour when using lagomExternalJavadslProject(…):

In a build.sbt file i’m using:
lazy val m2m-mailer-impl = lagomExternalJavadslProject(“mailer-impl”, “biz.sfs.m2m” %% “m2m-mailer-impl” % “0.0.8”)

When i execute the runAll command in sbt shell this external project folder is being created:

Please pay attention to the version number 0.0.7 (folder) and 0.0.8 (build.sbt).
The folder created matches the version defined in the build.sbt (which seems wrong).

Apart from this, i get the following exception when starting up: “No implementation for com.lightbend.lagom.javadsl.persistence.PersistentEntityRegistry was bound.”
…whereas mailer-impl does NOT use lagom-persistence and has no such dependency defined. (i double checked in its pom.xml file (mailer-impl is using maven) as well as in the description in the generated directory i mentioned above).

What can i do to investigate this further?