Lightbend Orchestration - Service must be a type of ClusterIP?

Hi all,

I noticed that when you create the Kubernetes service of your Lagom micoservice using rp generate-services command, it generates the service of type “CusterIp”, which indicates that the service can be only found internally within the cluster using the IP address.

And then, when you generate the ingress using rp’s generate-ingress command, it generates the ingress object that does not specify the type of ingress, which in Google’s KBE’s case, it defaults to Google’s Cloud Load Balancer.

But I realized that Google’s Cloud Load Balancer does not work with the service of type “ClusterIp”. I don’t know the reasons for this limitation but it seems to be the case according to the followings.

Then the question is, is it okay to change the Service type from ‘ClusterIp’ to ‘NodePort’ of my Lagom services?
Will everything else work as normal even if I do this?

Or should I keep the service type to “NodePort” as it is, but create the custom load balancer, i.e. nginx, and manually expose ClusterIp services to it?