Logging Correlation Id Pattern


how can i implement this pattern in lagom without polluting all my method signatures with the correlation id ?

@RJrodrigo check this.
This will also apply for Lagom

I am using Lagom java, does the MDC propagate in CompletableFutures or in Vavr Futures.
If a thread is serving multiple requests wouldn’t the MDC values get lost.
Is there a example project ?

@RJrodrigo i did not use this yet so do not have any practical feedback
Also I’m nor aware of any example project.
But from the doc i believe it should be rather simple to test integrate it and test it

This is perfect timing as we’ve just merged a Lagom recipe demonstrating the capabilities of Lightbend’s Telemetry (Cinnamon) in Lagom.

I’m not 100% up to date with Lightbend’s Telemetry (Cinnamon) roadmap but I think CompletionStage (or CompletableFuture) are still not supported. I might be wrong.