Looking for someone to consult with us on Akka

Apologies if this is not appropriate here. If not perhaps we could be directed to the right place.

We’re working with Akka, Java and react.js on a web based kiosk style app. It’s been very slow going since we’re very new to Akka. We’d love to find an Akka expert who could help us on a per question/time basis. I can give more details as required.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’m not sure jobs-related posts are fine here.

In any case there’s a gitter channel for that.

Appreciate that, thank you. I have posted over there. Just really wasn’t sure of the best place to look. If anyone knows a good Akka person they can email me at gary@drinkcommand.com

We have both consultants and trainings from Lightbend, so that may be worth looking into as well: