Message Serializable when remote request at Akka 2.5.12

who has a about Message Serializable demo when using akka-remote at Akka 2.5.12, I think my remote demo failure maybe the Message Serializable is not right,coule you give me a successed demo,thank you very much.

You can find sample applications for Java and Scala using cluster here:

I’d recommend against using remoting directly unless you are very clear on the shortcomings/problems with it (which cluster solves for you).

If this doesn’t help, please tell us more about what you have tried and how it is failing.


why?what happened?

Uhm… you are showing screenshots of unrelated classes though…?

yes,you are right,because the package of my client message and my server message is not the same; so the message name is same but actual they are not same;

Thank you very much.谢谢