Microservices architecture in Lagom

Hi all,

I came across Lagom recently. My team was planning to build an application which will be of Microservices architecture. We initially decided to use springboot to go through with the process but recent decline of popularity of java had one of our project heads thinking whether it is wise to go ahead in java.

So, when looking for alternate ways to build that application, I happened to stumble upon Lagom framework. Now I have one major concern, it is related to the community support. Java and Spring have been around for like forever and has vast community support for every issue. Is it the same scenario with Lagom? Can we really expect Lagom to do much better compared to Springboot?

I saw that Lagom suggests using sbt for better performance compared to maven. So can we actually build the microservices in sbt? I never used it before so please excuse my ignorance.

I am just curious how improved and fast development can be if we approach to build our application in Lagom instead of Springboot.

Thanks in advance for your kind replies.