Migration from scala actors to Akka

I am currently trying to migrate a software and i encountered the following problems. In the current implementation, the graphical user interface makes use of a simple swing application.
Inside that class a special actor is created to listen to messages from other actors elsewhere.
Following is a small snippet of the codebase:

class App extends SimpleSwingApplication {
  val actor = new Actor with Publisher {
    override val scheduler = new SchedulerAdapter {
      def execute(fun: => Unit) { Swing.onEDT(fun) }
    def act() {
      loop {
        react {
          case EXIT => exit
          case msg: Event =>
            println("Publishing This Msg: " + msg)
          case msg => println("Unknown Msg in GM: " + msg)
  App.actor = actor
  App.pub = actor

As you can see this actor extends the publisher trait which is used to capture reactions
from the user such as the selection of a menu item. The following snipet illustrates this:

reactions += {
  case st:State =>
    playMenuItem.enabled = st match {case _:App.Playing => false; case _ => true}
    stopMenuItem.enabled = st match {case   App.Stopped => false; case _ => true}

Now the actual problem is how can i possibly migrate this to follow the akka-actor style. To my understanding the use of the publisher trait should be eliminated as it is a reactor itself (therefore deprecated to newer scala versions) and be replaced by messages.