MQTT 5 via alpakka


I am not sure if this question has been asked before here. I did not find it, so I post:

Our enterprise is now reaching the point where we need to support MQTT 5. This protocol version offers relevant features to us such as custom headers on MQTT messages or numeric topic aliases.

Our MQTT Broker already supports MQTT 5. Now we need to make sure that also our Akka Streams + alpakka based backend supports it.

I remember that alpakka-mqtt-streaming did not yet support MQTT 5 when I asked the developer about a year ago. It had also not yet been planned to support it.

However, since Eclipse Paho since 1.4.x Eclipse Paho | does support MQTT 5 maybe the alpakka MQTT connector alpakka-mqtt MQTT • Alpakka Documentation supports MQTT 5 already or soon?