mTLS with Akka gRPC

Could someone point me at a location where I can find information on how I can configure mutual TLS between gRPC client and server.

I see some configuration settings for setting up a trust store for doing the server cert validation, but I would like to configure my Akka HTTP server hosting the gRPC service to require client certificates.

Did I miss something or is this as yet undocumented ?

To be clear : it is not about configuring the Akka server, it’s about how to configure the client to use a client certificate when connecting.

My first guess was : could it be that the answer is that I should use this type from the grpc core library Akka gRPC depends on and then simply try and set that on the Grpc Client settings ? There at least appears to exist a withCallCredentials(value: CallCredentials) copy function on the gRPCClientSettings type in Akka gRPC; however on closer inspection, that seems to require a subtype of CallCredential, while the type I think I would need is of type ChannelCredentials.

Does that leave me with only the NettyChannelBuilder overrides option ?