Multiple Service in one project

Hello everyone and akka team,

Is it possible to create 2 different services in one project and deploy it as separate services. I created 2 services, one is a stateless service (only an Action) and the other one is a stateful service with entity and view. As I try to deploy it, the action part counted as a component of the stateful service. For my use case, I need to separate those two services. I am using Java and recently migrate my code to kalix.


Hi David,

Yes, you should be able to deploy multiple services into one project. But note that Trail accounts have certain limitations.

Also note that we re-branded Akka Serverless to Kalix recently, which comes with many improvements. Other than the package names for imports the Kalix Java SDK works just as the Akka Serverless Java SDK.

Let us know if your problem persists,

Thank you for your answer. My question is actually whether it is possible to create 2 services on one maven project. I did this and as I try to deploy it with mvn deploy. The services did deploy as a one service. In my case, I try to create the Action as a separate service but within the same mvn project. What I got is the Action as a component of the stateful service and not as an independent service.