Mvn deploy errors: Unable to push to registry '' : denied: requested access to the resource is denied

I tried docker login and logout multiple times before I realized that that was not in play in the mvn deploy command.

The docs are a bit different between java and scala:

Developer Tools :: Akka Serverless Documentation for java makes no mention of docker.username and docker.password but the scala version does. And no where else does it mention that one has to add these to the mvn deploy command.

mvn -Ddocker.username=REDACTED -Ddocker.password=REDACTED deploy works. mvn deploy does not.

I’ve created Docs are unclear on requirements for docker publish · Issue #745 · lightbend/akkaserverless-java-sdk · GitHub to track improving the docs on user/auth for docker and the Java plugin (I think it comes from some current-logged-in-user context the docker tooling keeps, but not 100% sure)

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