My scala web starter project

Working as a freelancer it often needs to quickly set up a basic project with general functionality and then supplement with the custom business logic.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any projects that covers basic functionality of authorization, user management, blogs, payments, therefore I decided to start my own.

I have started with one for authentication && authorization && user management.

Brief description of functionality:

  • Sign up
  • Sign in
  • Email activation
  • Reset password
  • Change password
  • Authentication via social providers Facebook, Google, Twitter
  • SPA
  • Basic user management functionality (admin page, user roles)
  • ReCaptcha integration (signup form)
  • Password brute force protection (Default is 5 tries per 30 minutes, but can be configured)
  • User can link multiple sources (credentials, social providers) to his account

if anyone knows about any existing starter projects please let me know, just to not reinvent the wheel.

Hope someone can find that useful.
Github repo is