New Relic Instrumentation

I see that New Relic has some support for Play instrumentation, even that Typesafe seems to have partnered with New Relic to introduce it.

Because Lagom uses Play under the hood, I was hopeful that New Relic’s Play instrumentation would hook in, or that there might be a simple registration we could do with New Relic to inform it of the Lagom implementation of the Play router. I’ve reached out to New Relic and they haven’t been able to give me any information on what part of Play they instrumented to. They have just told me they’d add Lagom-specific support to their backlog.

I understand that Lagom has support for Lightbend Monitoring, and we might try utilizing that more, but it would be nice to be able to hook in the monitoring to the same place our other non-Lagom (even non-jvm) applications provide their monitoring data.

Does anyone at Typesafe have any insight into the Play-New Relic integration, or how it might relate to a Lagom-New Relic integration?

Going to the page linked in the lightbend page produces a 404.

How old is this?

Hunh, its not 404-ing for me.

Does this search link return it for you?

Not seeing a date in the blog post, but there is one comment in it from 4 years ago, so yeah, its definitely dated.

New Relic’s blog post announcing it was from 2013

So that too points to it being released awhile ago.

I’m not really expecting a ton of tribal knowledge about another company’s integration, but I figured it was worth a shot.

This is the link that produced the 404 for me:

Which is found here at the very end of the post:

Ah, yes. I understand. The blog doesn’t 404, but there is no more information about it.

FWIW, New Relic did get back to me. It seems they instrument HandlerInvokerFactory, which Lagom does not use. I’m not really sure Lagom’s usage of Play would be conducive for it to utilize HandlerInvokerFactory anyways. So I think my best option to use Lagom with NewRelic instrumentation is to invoke their instrumentation myself.