Next 2.5.x release?


We are currently on Play 2.5.18, and I am very much interested in this fix which allows the CORS option serveForbiddenOrigins to function properly. It’s already backported to play 2.5.x branch, but hasn’t made it into a release yet. So…

  1. Is there a time frame for the 2.5.19 release [1]?
  2. Any chance it could happen sooner rather than later?

[1] I found: but the three remaining issues seem to always get pushed.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @patrick,

We don’t have a strict date yet, but we can do a new release for 2.5.x together with the next release of 2.6.x. We will probably do a new release after integrating playframework/playframework#8392. This would probably happen in the next two weeks.


That would be wonderful @marcospereira thanks so much!

Release should be happening soon. I just backported a fix to the 2.5.x branch so that will also be included.

Hi @patrick and all,

A new release of Play 2.5 was made:


Excellent. Thank you.