Next major rev of Play?

There might not be an answer yet, but my team is doing planning for the next year or so, and we’re wondering what the roadmap looks like for the next version of Play. We had heard some noises about a Play 2.9, but looking around we find the beginnings of what appears to be Play 3.0 instead.

Is there any info about where this is going? Details absolutely not needed, but it would be helpful to get even a hand-wave guess about what’s likely to be coming in roughly which quarter over the next couple of years, so that we can have that in our high-level plans.


I don’t have an exact answer but talks about Play 3.0 started in the Play 2.5 days, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for 3.0. That being the case, every “0.1” version update for Play tends to be a pretty major one. I still remember upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4 and then from 2.4 to 2.5, which were both huge pains. The more recent versions did make upgrading a lot easier but they still had plenty of breaking changes :man_shrugging:.